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For projects with big design ambitions

When the design appears as one large pattern without physical joins and breaks, a very special look is achieved with wall-to-wall Carpets. Choose between several inspiring collections.

Wall-to-wall Carpets, also known as broadloom Carpets, can be the best option for commercial projects with expansive floor plans or high design demands.

A wall-to-wall Carpets is essential in tying the interior design elements of the room together when the design appears as one large pattern without obvious physical joins and breaks.

You can pick from a variety of different Carpets qualities that vary in price, construction, and fibre type. Additionally, there are numerous backing alternatives with a range of material, comfort, and acoustic-dampening features. This means that the physical components of a wall-to-wall Carpets can be blended to suit the requirements of any commercial project or budget.

how it works

With our rugs & carpets, we like to take you on a journey of artistic creation, and customization is a vital aspect of who we are

Step 1

Select your Design

You can choose designs from our collection or we can build designs based on your ideas.

Step 2

Select your size

There’s no need to accept standard sizes. Your rug is made to order and ideal for homes with open floor plans or unusually sized spaces!

Step 3

Select your Yarn and color preferences.

Quality is brought to the table by the proper stuff. To create the ideal atmosphere, we let you choose the material by hand. Similarly, To build an area rug with a colour scheme that goes with your decor or vision, you can choose your favorite colors from our collection.

Step 4

Choose Your Rug's Edge Finishing

Your choice of finishing will complete the appearance of your rug.

Step 5


A certain colour combination is used to generate dyeing. To provide you with the appropriate colours for your carpet, there is a quality check. Your preferences and style are taken into consideration while we weave your carpet.

Step 6

Ready to dispatch

The final Rug or Carpet, which will become your favourite piece of art, is delivered to you by the JK Rugs.

Step 7


For the installation of your new carpet, our Installers will handle every aspect.

Step 5

Contact Us

 (Once you have completed steps 1,2 and 3 above, get in touch with us and we can arrange a time to discuss your options, show you samples of your choices and provide you with a quote for your custom-made rug).