About Us

With professional working experience in the field of Floor Coverings: Rugs and Carpets; We has been able to provide its customers with quality products while serving them with high moral standards and business ethics. We feel proud to have been able to establish a trusted relationship with our clients through all these years of working, we think this has played a key role in our dream to build a decent quality company which has eventually led to us providing further refined and better quality of goods and service while being able to contribute to the growth of well renowned Indian handmade industry. Our brand sets out a precedent complying with the policy approach of make in India too.


With specialization in Floor Coverings and Textiles, JK RUGS distinguishes itself as a reliable source for its customers. We draw color and trend direction from our pool of designers and customers regularly. JK RUGS maintains a presence in both the luxury and mass markets offering Hand Tufted Carpets, Handloom Carpets, Punja Carpets, Pit-loom Carpets, and especially Broadloom Carpets.


JK RUGS sources the highest quality and most innovative materials like Yarns/Fabrics directly from reputed Mills, which help us to be competitive and produce quality products for our valued customers. We aspire to always keep ahead of the market, setting trends and benchmarks in the product range, and aim towards providing the best quality, competitive prices, and on-time deliveries to our customers.


Carpet Weaving

We have in-house facilities for Hand Tufted, Handloom, Punja, and Pit-loom.

Drying Chamber

To combat unfavorable climate conditions and to maintain persistence of the timely delivery of the goods throughout the year, we have multiple in-house drying chambers which is a state-of-the-art facility in Panipat. We use organic wood waste briquettes as a fuel in our hot air-drying chambers which is considered the best renewable source of fuel and energy as it does not emit sulfur or fly ash that directly replaces the usage of the conventional type of fuels that cause immense pollution.

Quality Checkpoint

We have set up various quality checkpoints to ensure quality standards and other special requests by every client. Our quality checking team is specifically headed by the managing directors and is involved daily which ensures the further guarantee of superior quality and further provides quality assurance.


specializes in all kinds of Rugs and carpets along with the Customization option for all kinds of floor coverings. We are friends with managing and playing with different types of yarns like Wool, Wool Blends of Different types, Viscose, Tensil, Polyester, Nylon, Silk, etc with great ease and on daily basis. We have 4 meters and 5 meters wide looms which allow us to go for better and broad widths sizes in carpets.

More than 80% of JK RUGS’s production is on broadloom carpets, and we feel proud to say that our quality stands out as one of the best and is well renowned in the market globally.


We have about 1,00,000 square meters per month of current in-house production capacity for Rugs and Broadloom.  
All the units are managed and supervised by one family of ours. There is direct supervision of managing partners at JK RUGS over the whole production line.


Social responsibility is a core value at JK RUGS for its employees and the environment. JK RUGS is committed to environmental and social initiatives focusing on natural and sustainable materials using locally grown materials with fast-growing cycles and non-toxic dyes for the dyeing of the yarns.