how it works

With our rugs & carpets, we like to take you on a journey of artistic creation, and customization is a vital aspect of who we are

Bring your ideas to life.

We create the ideal Rugs design specifically for you.

Our team will help you to bring your ideas to life. You only need to describe your project to us and your thoughts for the custom-Rugs. Additionally, you’re invited to submit us images or other types of motivating content, and we’ll assist you in making your ideas a reality!

We provide a number of design alternatives based on your feedback that place a clear emphasis on the points you want to emphasize.

Step 1

select your design

You can choose designs from our collection or we can build designs based on your ideas.

Step 2

select your size

There’s no need to accept standard sizes. Your rug is made to order and ideal for homes with open floor plans or unusually sized spaces!

Step 3

Select your Yarn & color preferences.

Quality is brought to the table by the proper stuff. To create the ideal atmosphere, we let you choose the material by hand. Similarly, To build an area rug with a colour scheme that goes with your decor or vision, you can choose your favorite colors from our collection.

Step 4

Choose Your Rug's Edge Finishing

Your choice of finishing will complete the appearance of your rug.

Step 5


A certain colour combination is used to generate dyeing. To provide you with the appropriate colours for your carpet, there is a quality check.
Your preferences and style are taken into consideration while we weave your carpet.

Step 6

Ready to dispatch

The final Rug or Carpet, which will become your favourite piece of art, is delivered to you by the weaver.